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2.0 Version Of Yourself ExperienceRena
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Rena, US

​" I decided to take RTT sessions with Maty because I knew that what I wanted to work on had

to do with the subconscious mind and that the only way to get to the root cause and really heal it is with hypnosis.
I am an NLP coach myself which works more on the conscious mind so I have helped myself overcome a lot of limiting beliefs however I could not manage with NLP only the following issue that I have worked with Maty: a general and constant sense of inner sadness and personal dissatisfaction that has been persecuting me

since very young leadIng me to periods of deep frustration, worry and unhappiness. I especially noticed that this sense of dissatisfaction would become even deeper within me during my PMS period, a moment in which we women are more connected to our

subconscious minds. 
In this specific phase, the worst would come out of me and all the conscious and positive work

I did during the rest of the month, on those days or weeks it would transform into a nightmare, with bad and negative thoughts that kept on reminding me of my dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Although apparently, there is nothing grave in my life, I am consciously grateful for all I have such a beautiful family, we are all good in health, my husband is an amazing person and

non-stop worker, and I have started to work on a project and also wrote a book.... still I could not feel really satisfied with my self and my life.

I started working with Maty in April and had weekly sessions until July. In these 4 months, Maty has put a lot of light into me and has helped me understand where that dissatisfaction

and frustration came from and how to change it.

She helped me see and understand that I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and was extremely self-demanding because I was not feeling good enough and therefore whatever I achieved was not enough either and for this reason, I was always wanting, expecting or doing more than I could for the simple but unconscious need to demonstrate and confirm that I am good, I am valuable and thus to be recognized.

So I was always demanding myself more than anyone else would even ask me and this lead me even more to perfectionism, stress, frustration and dissatisfaction.

Also, Maty  helped me notice that whenever I said something about myself, the negative part would always come out first, such as:

I have a dispersed mind
I have a bad memory
I'm not good at...
I'm not disciplined...
I can't
I don't...

She helped me change my negative way of speaking by being conscious of my language and

then changing it to a more positive way.

She then provided me with a recording that I had to listen to for 21 nights, (actually I have listened to it for a month and a half). In this recording, she uses positive sentences and affirmations by using my own words that came out during our hypnosis session.

In the meantime, we had other coaching sessions in between and each time something new about how I treat and consider myself has come out.

I really like the way she works both on the conscious mind first, detecting limiting beliefs and then digging deep into my subconscious mind with hypnosis.

I am very thankful to Maty as she has made me understand all the inconveniences throughout my life and in different situations by not putting myself first.

Also, she also helped me understand why and how I was attracting certain kinds

of clients because I was not evaluating myself properly, so again the sense and feeling of not being good enough and self-doubt were at the base of my professional area too.

Maty helped me see where that self-doubting came from and how it was limiting my life and not allowing me to move forward toward my goals, thus creating frustration.

On June 24th: we worked on a second powerful RTT session with the goal to work on my self-doubt that was blocking me from moving forward toward my professional goals.
We worked on questioning that sensation of self-doubt, understanding its function and after that changing its role for a new one, a positive and beneficial role.

In each coaching session, Maty would make me choose and decide on one simple action

to start changing from that very moment.

Thanks to all this, I am now more conscious of myself and my inner dialogue, so I now

control my negative thoughts better. Whenever I realize that negative thought

pops up or that I'm in

a bad mood, I remember the learnings from my sessions with Maty and immediately change

the story I am telling myself.


She does such amazing work. I am impressed by how deep you can go into your inner self through her RTT sessions.

I especially admire her for all the energy and time she puts in before, during and after the session.
Her 20/30mn recordings, after our RTT sessions are amazing and powerful.

I've taken so many different kinds of coaching sessions in the past but it's the first time I feel well attended in time and dedication.


Susanna, Spain

"The RTT session that I received from Maty was simply amazing.

I felt looked after and understood all throughout the session.

Maty has a very welcoming energy and you can't help but feel safe and secure when working with her.

She was able to swiftly guide me through the memories which surfaced and knew how to direct me into finding the relevance to my current life situation now.

She helped me to find the clarity that I was looking for and since our session, my life has become more organised and I am progressing on my goals step by step.

You should not hesitate if you are given the opportunity to work with Maty.

You are definitely in safe and loving hands."

Carolyn, UK

"I found Maty when I was looking for help with my procrastination problem.

I never  had problems doing things for others but if I had to do things for myself I kept putting it off and could not find motivation sometimes even for the simplest task.

The reason I was looking for help was because I wanted to quit 9-5 and start my own business, but got overwhelmed by everything this involves.

I am so happy I found Maty, she has changed my life.

She helped me find the reason why I believed it was not worth putting in effort for myself and really helped me to reframe this deep rooted belief. 

She also cheered me on and really made me believe that I can do it!

She is very friendly, profesional, intuative and knowledgable.

I would highly recommend to anyone.
My life has completely changed since!

In only a few short months I have started my business and stepped out of every comfort zone.

It started with me cleaning my flat straight after the session and accomplishing a lot of things in only a few months that I never thought possible.

Maty still checks on me and gives me support which shows that she trully cares.

I am forever grateful!"

Maja, Ireland

"​A Great Beginning!!!

Maty was very precise and efficent but she also made me feel cared about, worthy and excited of realizing my financial goal. 

Thanks to her and our session I'm on my way to the financial freedom I want, having more time for my passions and my family.


She's not only very professional but also very talented"

Filippo, Italy

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