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I'll try to keep it short 😉

Hey! I'm Nayo.

I've been there.
Feeling lost, feeling big in a world that admires small. 
Growing up in France, the pressure was intense. 
Size 6 to 8 is the "good size", and I was far from it.
This wasn't just about not fitting into clothes; it was about not fitting in, period.
My body felt like a prison, stopping me from living life, from summer fun at the beach to feeling confident in my skin.
It wasn't just the mirror that was tough on me; it was everything. 
✅    My relationships
✅    My sense of self
✅    Even summer was a nightmare. Too much skin, too much me. 
✅    I was hating my body, feeling miserable, and just... stuck. 

It was like my body decided who I was before I could.
I couldn't be the 'me' I wanted.
My sexuality, my confidence, my happiness—it all felt on hold.
Body dysmorphia took not just my peace but my identity.
But here’s the thing: I found a way out. 
It was long and tough, but I learned so much.
And I want to share it, not in fancy words, but in honest ones. 
Because if I can make it, so can you. 
We don't need to take the long, hard road; there's a shortcut. 
And I'm here to show you how.

Where it ALL Begun...

Where it started

At eight, I first felt it: the weight of being different. 
By 16, a nutritionist labeled me "obese."
That word hit hard. It felt like a life sentence.
What followed was a rollercoaster of diets, pills, and promises.
You name it, I tried it.
From magic chocolates to the latest fad, if it promised weight loss, I was all in.

For two decades, my weight was like a yo-yo, constantly going up and down.
I'd lose weight, then gain it back, over and over. I swung from being super thin to super heavy, from starving to binging.

But one day, at my heaviest of 210 pounds, I stared into my cupboard.
It was like looking into a museum of my failures, filled with products that cost me not just money, but years of my life.

"That is when I realized the diet industry

was never meant to be my answer;

it was my prison."

Enough was enough. 
I decided to quit the system.
So I did…
… But still felt lost. 
My body wasn't where I wanted it to be. 
But I wanted to feel better and healthier but everyone, the nutritionists, coaches, and dietitians…
they all told me that I was a victim of my genes and slow metabolism. The only thing that could change my shape was exercising like a maniac and dieting. 

But I refused their theories,
and decided to prove otherwise.

I made the decision to take my life back, to step into control and away from the shadows of doubt and despair.
It wasn't easy, but looking back, it was the best decision I've ever made. 
So, I started searching for answers, not from the latest trend, but from the world itself.

     ➡  I looked to nature, studying how wild animals are always their OGP (Optimal Genetic Potential) without asking for advice.
     ➡  I explored ancient cultures, looking into their eating habits and relationship with food. 
     ➡  I sought out traditional wisdom and methods to listen to my body, to understand its needs without external noise.
     ➡  I searched for ways to stop my self-destructive behaviors and rewire my subconscious quickly, establishing new habits as my normal without feeling like I'm battling myself.

This journey wasn't just about weight loss.
It was about reconnection—finding harmony between my body, mind, and the environment.
I discovered the power of intuitive eating, of listening deeply to what my body truly wanted.
It was a game-changer.

Nayo's transformation

My Transformation

This is Nayo

At the beginning, even when I started losing weight effortlessly and keeping it off, I didn't believe it. I thought, "This can't be real." But people began noticing and saying nice things. That made me stop and think, "Maybe this is actually working."
It hit me one day—I was really doing it. I was changing. 


I felt stronger inside, proud, and way more positive.
It was like I was a new person, inside out.
I started feeling good, really good.
Like I could do anything.
I was more open, happy, and loving life. 

Where it transformed
MRD Weight loss reimagined

I realized my mission was bigger than just my own transformation.
I needed to share this.

To help women like you find your shortcut.

To escape the endless cycle of diets and rediscover your body's natural rhythm. 

My Mission

My Misson

So I created Make the RIGHT Decision to be Thin.

Make the RIGHT Decision to be Thin isn't about fitting into society's mold.

It's about breaking free, feeling good, healthy, and transforming on your own terms. 

"With time, Make the RIGHT Decision to be Thin

became more than just a program:

it's a passage. 
A passage back to you."

Together with my clients, we navigate the noise, tune into what really matters, and step boldly into a life where they are in control.
A life where joy, health, and confidence aren't just dreams—they're your reality.
This program is for you if my story strikes a chord. 
If you've felt lost, out of place, or just fed up with trying and failing. 
If you’re feeling stuck in an endless cycle of hopelessness.
If you feel out of control… 
It's for those ready to listen, to truly hear what your body and heart have been trying to tell you.

It's for the brave ones ready to let go of old beliefs and embrace a new, empowered way of living.
If you're nodding yes, then you're exactly where you need to be.
This is it.
The crossroads where change isn't just an option—it's a

"If you want things in your life to change,

you're going to have to change things in your life."

It's a simple truth, but a powerful one.
If you keep walking the same old paths, you'll find the same old destinations.
Isn't it time for a new direction?
Imagine, just for a moment, seeing yourself a year and a half from now.
Imagine the pride, the joy, the absolute freedom of feeling amazing in your own skin.
Think about a life where your weight doesn't dictate your happiness. 
Where you’re bursting with energy, passion, and excitement.
Where you’re in control, strong, and unstoppable. 
Where you feel healthy, confident, respected, happy…
That future can be your reality.
The choice is yours. 
I'm here, arms wide open, ready to guide you on this journey of transformation.
Together, we will rewrite your story.
Your new life awaits.

With love,


BOOK A CALL Decision To be Thin
BOOK A CALL Decision To be Thin
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