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I'm Nayo, your Holistic Weight Loss Coach and the mastermind behind the unique and transformative “Make The Right Decision To Be Thin” movement.

My expertise? I'm not just about losing pounds. As a Coach and Voice Technology Practitioner, I design experiences that change both the body and the mind.

I turned my own 20-year fight with weight into a mission to change lives.

I understand the struggle – the false hopes, the battle between the desire to be thin and the lure of the next fad diet.

Your weight impacts more than just your body: it affects your emotions and your self-love. It is rooted in your feelings and your thoughts. It's in the stories you tell yourself and the energy you nurture.

In fact, weight loss isn't about calories or exercise at all.

Because if you don't change the way you feel and the way you think first, you might follow all the advice out there, but you will never see the lasting change you’re hoping for. And you feel stuck, and you’re not getting anywhere.

That's why my approach is different.

It's a rebellion against the diet industry, focussing on shedding limiting beliefs, tuning into your body's needs, and transforming your thoughts to empower your weight loss journey. It creates radical and lasting change, not just in your body, but in your mindset and vibrational alignment.

Besides coaching, I love traveling the world and tasting different foods.

This is part of living fully for me. You can live freely and happily without being held back by any rules or diets... Just relying on your own self.

Ready to rewrite your story? Visit or connect on LinkedIn.

For a taste of true transformation, message me with “ME FIRST” for an exclusive invite to my next 90-minute Weight Loss session… absolutely free. The journey starts with you.

With love and excitement for the healthier, happier you that awaits,

Nayo 🌟


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Nayo, TFT Adv. VT

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