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This is me: Nayo 😃

Nayo Chebab Make The Right Decision To Be Thin
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BE who you ARE

Nayo N.Caroline Chebab, TFT-ADV
Advanced Thought Field Therapy
Voice Technology & Energy Alignment
Trained in the Callahan Technique
By Joanne Callahan

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A bit about me...

Do you believe in coincidences?

I don't.

I'm the hero of my story.

My mission is to help you remember that you are the hero of yours.

I help you take back control over your life, and get over your emotions.

Life doesn't happen to you. It doesn't really happen for you.

True freedom lies in the understanding that life happens AS you.

Let me give you your power back.

About Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

TFT (Thought Field Therapy) allows you to quickly realign your energies to your goals and unblock the thought fields that sabotage your daily life.

My Approach

“Argue for your limitations and they are surely yours!”

By using TFT Advanced Voice technology, I tap into nature’s healing code.
I’m devoted to re-empowering women by liberating them from the negative emotional charges of their past and getting rid of uncertainties. 
Today, the time has come to regain control and inner balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't I ever feel good enough?
    Being compared to someone else makes us believe that we are not enough. Beliefs are just reoccurring thoughts. It is easy and natural to assume that you weren't enough if you keep hearing that you are too much this or not enough that. The more you tell yourself something, the more you hear something about yourself, the more likely it will become a belief. It stays in your mind like an imprint and becomes how you see yourself.
  • Why do I have this need to please everyone?
    Let's say that a part of you believes the more perfect you are, the more people will need you. The more people need you, the more they want you around. The more you are wanted, the less likely you will be rejected.
  • Why do I feel like I don't belong?
    You believe that you are different, and therefore you feel like you don't belong. Here's a secret, human's biggest fear is to be different. So, your fear is something you have in common with the rest of humanity. What you think about yourself impacts the way people perceive you. Stop telling yourself that you are different. Remember that as human, we first perceive the world and then see it, but you are the one telling others how to perceive you. Stop telling the world who you fear to be and start telling the world who you are.
  • How does it work?
    I use the combined power of Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching to reprogram and upgrade your beliefs for good. Over 4 weeks, you’ll get one Rapid Transformational Therapy experience to rewire your subconscious, three 15min. coaching sessions to follow up on integrating the new beliefs, and weekly tools to help you support your new successful path. We do all of the work TOGETHER and we do it LIVE. You’ll get real-time, heart-centered support and guidance to activate a deep sense of worth and abundance that will change your life forever.

Any Doubt?

Any Question?

Any Uncertainty?



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